Thursday, November 6, 2008

I learned a lot yesterday

I learned all kinds of things yesterday. First I learned that if you want to go for a walk in a new area you should take a map. And the map should be correct and not show you roads that aren't there any more and take you down dead ends. If you take a wrong map, you can end up walking much further than you wanted...

I have to rehide the left over Halloween candy today as my secret stash was discovered. Its not that I might eat it but I am protecting other house hold members from over indulging.

I know I learned some other things too but I can't remember them because of my tiny brain.

What else did I do yesterday? I went to my therapist. I got a flu shot (and didn't look at the needle so it was okay). I went for a slightly longer walk than originally planned and worked from home. I also watched four episodes of Sex in the City because I lead an overly exciting life I have time for these things. And I went to a meeting.

Today I am going to the gym - because I am going to go to the gym twice a week if it kills me - and then to work and then out to meet a friend (so I can pretend I have a tiny bit of a social life). I am also going to work from home and go to the bank at some point.

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