Wednesday, November 5, 2008

We now return to our regular programming

Yes the election is over - we have a new president but the same senator (and we still have to pay income tax). The economy is in better shape - the Dow actually gained 1000 points while we were practicing avoidance. My health, well, I am still mostly better, getting there, etc. See what happens when you ignore the bad things in life for a while? The world does not come to an end and we all can feel less stressed.

In today's paper is a prime example of why NOT to believe the stupid sound bites we all put up with. At some point in the past, it was stated that taking vitamin B decreases your risk of getting cancer. Well today they are saying it might not. Go read the article here. My point is they take sound bites, publicize them out of context, and then find out after the fact that they were wrong or inconclusive in the first place. Lesson number one: Don't believe everything you read.

I do take Vitamin B supplements - because I was told they help in energy levels, forgetfulness, and metabolism. I also take a multi vitamin -in case I don't eat right; an Omega 3 fish oil because it is supposed to take care of stiffness; and 1500 thingies of calcium and 600 thingies of Vitamin D because of my osteopenia. This is a total of six vitamins daily.

In addition, I take my thyroid medicine and my tamoxifen. And now I am taking prilosec again because of some fun interludes with heartburn recently. So that is nine pills daily. And I can't take them all at once. I have to take my thyroid medicine separately from all the vitamins and prilosec. This means my tiny chemo brain has to kick in twice daily to remember to take them. This is a twice daily mental challenge. Face it if you take a regular medication, I am sure you have the little conversation with your self frequently "did I take my pills today?" I am still waiting for this good effect of Vitamin B to kick in.

Anyhow, yesterday I did all kinds of errand running, I voted and went for a walk in the nice weather. It was sixty degrees. I got to wear shorts. To continue yesterday's clothing theme for avoidance day, I went to the local consignment store. I brought in two items that she is going to try to sell. But then I bought three items. So now I need to find more items to bring in to off set my increasing number of clothes. I did another stupid thing yesterday - I don't know where my brain was - I bought MORE daffodil bulbs to plant. Why, why, why? Now I have go dig more holes in the garden??? I am claiming chemo brain and lack of Vitamin B.

Today I have to do some work, go see my therapist, talk to the American Cancer Society about volunteering, and go to a meeting. I also have to find out about being on TV.

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