Thursday, November 27, 2008

82 days and counting

I have 82 lovely days without a trip to the doctors. I am very excited. 82 days of no blood tests, Dr. Seymour Butz gowns, procedures, waiting for doctors, or tests, (or OMWAHs in the parking garage - I will probably find some elsewhere but not there!) I made a deal with my therapist even that I will not see here in December as planned but wait until sometime in February around my upcoming appointments.

In the meantime, its Thanksgiving. Three of my four pies are made. I have a sous chef (one of my nieces) coming to help make the last one. I had a different sous chef (my husband) for apple and carrot peeling (carrots are not in pie but will be served with a maple glaze with cinnamon and nutmeg and allspice).

Otherwise, you can watch me on TV if you want.
Cancer and Hope from Josh Lobel on Vimeo.

Today our first thing to do (after we finish drinking coffee) is to go for a morning stroll (or death march - it depends who you ask) to ensure our appetites are at their maximum for this afternoon's meal. Then we need to retrieve a dinner guest who is coming by subway and head over to my parents. Actually my brother and his wife and four children are coming for a few hours this morning (of peace and quiet). I have plans for them all. (Little do they know).

Happy Thanksgiving!

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