Friday, November 21, 2008

Even the dentist gave me a good report

Yesterday I had a dental cleaning (something I hate - its right up there with a lot of other medical 'procedures'). First the hygienist wants to know any recent updates to my medical history in the past six months - and I forgot to bring my list! I think I told her everything but can't be sure. I am pretty sure I got the highlights (or are they low lights). Then, the what medications are you on question - I can ace that one in my sleep now. But then she said my teeth were great. No buildup. etc. But keep flossing (I have never been told I am flossing too much or even just enough - they always want you to floss more.) Even though it was only my teeth, it was nice to get good medical news again.

On to more boring things, I did a lot of work from home yesterday and then went to work after the dentist. I did go for my walk - but wore layers of polartec because it was so cold. Around here the temperatures have been January-ish, not November. Today, I will pull out my polartec again because I am meeting a friend for a walk. But I need to be productive again and get some work done from home. My biggest problem in working from home is avoiding the call of the evil Internet and its time sucking abilities.

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Susan said...

Dilbert rules!

I can empathize with your motivational "issues." I am so there.

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