Wednesday, November 19, 2008

An offer I could refuse

After a few rounds of phone tag with my insurance company, I finally made contact with a human being and discussed their offer of 'case management'. Basically we agreed that they should have called me more than a year ago and that I am on top of my treatment options. Since they were so tardy, it was an offer I could refuse. Actually I told them I think they had called me last year as well and at the time we also said they were a little late. Little did I know of all the fun and adventures I would have in this past year. Anyhow, picture me sliding under the radar again.

Yesterday I was working very hard at home. I had lots of work to do. Then the power went out (they are doing some telephone pole replacement work in the neighborhood). I waited a few minutes and it didn't come back so I decided to take the opportunity to go to the gym. When I returned home from the gym, I found the power must have come back on right after I left. So I wasted more time resetting clocks and was significantly less productive than I should have been. Today therefore I have to work extra hard. Unfortunately I have errands to run and other things to do as well. So I guess the real issue is I won't be able to waste time on the internet (the worlds biggest virtual time suck).

Today I have already gotten a late start. I worked last night until 9 and then was up late for me. I slept in this morning until another family member (who shall remain nameless but is not the cat) cooked breakfast using the smoke detector as a timer... Now I am awake and drinking coffee. Working nights may increase my caffeine intake. Its not the working nights that bothers me, its the staying up late that does.

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