Sunday, November 23, 2008

Another boring day

Yesterday was another boring day. We did laundry, cleaned the living room and dining room, went for a walk with a friend, and that was it. We did nothing fun and interesting and exciting. We are boring people. The cat didn't even try to get out (to drive me crazy) because now its too cold for him outside (he is a weenie).

I did manage to stew about my stupid letter from the doctor. I am very aggravated. They don't send a letter like this unless they see something. They should have compared my current mammogram to my previous ones and compared scar tissue and all the other left overs from tests, surgery, and procedures (I really hate that word). So did they find something new? I have to wait until tomorrow morning. Then I have to call my doctor and wait for him to call me back. Grrr...

In the meantime, perhaps I will continue my house cleaning routine. Well, not to over do things, I am not going to clean that much. (My dust bunny buddies would all go away if I really cleaned!) We are also going to visit an old friend and see his wife and three kids this afternoon. I do need to go for a walk. So it will be another blah day.

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Daria said...

Hi Caroline,

Boring days are good. I too had a boring weekend ... got the bathroom taps replaced. That was exciting.

I enjoy following your blog.


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