Friday, December 12, 2008

Not a day to leave the house

Yesterday was a nasty day. I should not have left the house.I should have stayed home and watched TV and drank tea with the cat or something. I could have finished the Christmas cards even. But now, I went out several times. It was rainy. Not only was it rainy, it was pouring rain for much of the day. In addition, it was a tropical 34 degrees out too. Not a nice day (and I feel sorry for the missing emu out in the rain without his family).

Today it is pouring rain again. Apparently there is 1/2" of ice on everything about 20 miles from here. We don't have ice. We have down pours and its 32.2 degrees. I am not leaving the house until it stops raining. I have lots to do today but I will do all the stuff from home that I can before going out around 11 - and it better clear up by then. Cold rainy days are just plain yucky.

Actually yesterday I did get a lot done. I went to the gym, worked from home and went to work. Today I have to work from home, run a bunch of errands (when it is dry) and meet a friend for a walk before a phone interview and a manicure (the highlight of my day).

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