Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tolerance - the world needs more of it

The world needs more tolerance. I mean why can't different people live together and respect each other's differences? Why does everyone have to be alike? If we were all the same, we would be boring. And boring isn't fun. You don't have to like everyone, you can think they are weird, ugly, odd, kooky, and otherwise just plain different but there is not reason you can't co-exist with them. What harm do they cause you?

For example, I really do not like spiders but I am not scared of them. I would just prefer they live elsewhere than near me. There is a spider residing in the upstairs bathroom. He (okay I am making an assumption, it could be a she) walks around on the ceiling over the medicine cabinet.
Now while I really would prefer he lives elsewhere, I am not about to squish him for no reason. I prefer to leave spider removal to my husband and cat. (The cat occasionally gets additional protein in the form of spiders and flying insects.) However, I only see the spider when my husband is not around. I asked him if he had seen the spider and he said no. This is a smart spider - hides from my husband. If he was seen, he might be 'dispatched' or at the very least sent to the great white north (a/k/a the front yard). The end result is I am living with the spider and I am okay with that. He hasn't made a big nasty web. I am not sure what he is eating because I haven't seen any bugs around for him. But we can live in harmony and tolerance. The world might be a better place if everyone could live with people who were different.

The video of the day:
My favorite part is the little kid who broke into a store to play with toys. But a couchmobile isn't a bad idea either.

So yesterday I met a friend for dinner. At 9 pm driving home, I was exhausted. I am a wimp I guess. I did learn something yesterday. If you actually take time to style your hair, put on make up, and dress decently, people notice. I had a job interview yesterday (and won't know anything for a few weeks) so I actually made an effort to look okay and people noticed. Perhaps there is a message here - and I should make the effort more often.

Today it is a nasty snowy/sleety mess outside. I will go to the gym and buy the last couple of little Christmas items I need on the way home. Then I will work from home before going to work. My life is a boring rut.

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