Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dear Tommy (and all you other snake oil salesmen)

Yesterday I posted on how I was doing and I received this comment below:

'Cancer Formula (curing people)

The cancer formula is a 100% completele holistic formula and all ingredients are FDA approved. When put in the proper ratios the holistic products and microbes will eat away the cancer. We create the formula based on the specific individual and his/her labs. As well I send a follow up formula that is holistic as well that actually acts as a cleansing agent to the body to take dead cells out of all organs and the body. I have attached a few of the formulas with 1-2 missing microbes on each as to not tell 100% of what the formula is. This is all 100% FDA approved . The formula comes with a 100% money back guarantee (as we sign contracts and money goes into an attorney escrow based on this), as well if any person we ever treat ever has a recurring cancer cell , we will treat him/her for life for the one time cost. When we treat any person. We need the most recent labs, and then follow up labs when they are through being treated. We keep these to show credibility in our product as well as the initial lab tells us how to make the formula.

Kind Regards


My reply to Tommy and all the other snake oil salesmen out there:

Dear Sir/Madam/Idiot:

While I appreciate the fact that you actually found my blog and possibly even read it before posting on a completely unrelated topic to my post, there is no way I would actually even consider replying to you. I realize you did provide a full name, phone number and email to make it easy for me to contact you, I do not believe you are offering any kind of cure. Let's start with the fact that you did not include any kind of information as to what the cure consists of other than a few vague hints. Will I need to swallow whole goldfish, drink exotic herbs, or whatever?

A holistic approach to scrub microbes from my body sounds like either the movie 'Fantastic Voyage' will be recreated in my body and run around with a little tool set or scrubbing bubbles will be let loose inside of me.

Also, you should take a better look at your English writing skills. Completely ends in a 'y' not an 'e' and you made several other grammatical errors. This is why Microsoft has invented spell check. Please consider using it.

If I did contact you, would you ask me to send you money, or my social security number, or is it a poorly guided attempt to raise the hopes of someone in cancer treatment who would grasp at any straws offered them to be cured? Stealing money from a person who is very ill is lower than low.

Finally, any cancer cure that I would consider will require some FDA approval or recognition by doctors who will tell me about it in an appointment at a medical facility. So I wish you good luck in your efforts to


Caroline (who is not that stupid after all)


Anonymous said...

Ah those crafty Nigerians, branching out into the health field/ The sad thing, of course , is that there are people desperate enough to buy into this nonsense.

Lauren said...

Good for you! That was very well stated.

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