Friday, July 16, 2010

I am appalled

They finally got a cap on the damn well. I call this whole BP thing bad business. I admit I have not been following it day by day with total scrutiny but the more I learn the more appalled I become. My thoughts are this:

- They had no plan in place in case this type of disaster did happen. I'm not sure any oil company or government really does but they didn't and it happened to them.

- They had originally said sometime this summer (and I don't remember the dates or the time lines) the cap would be on the well. But coincidentally I believe their shareholders meeting or some other big event is somewhere around July 27 and they wanted to have the well capped by then so they could go in with good news.

- Many millions of British retirees have have pensions which are in plans that hold BP stock and now there is concern on the financial strain caused by the massive reduction in BP's value since this began which will cause other financial problems in the UK. (This is called 'dont put all your eggs in one basket').

- Finally, the most appalling BP action I have seen is that BP lobbied the British government to release the Lockerbie bomber on health conditions because he had cancer and only a few months to live. Well, now he is back in Libya and expected to live for ten years. And BP promoted the deal because they wanted to protect an off shore drilling agreement.

I call this all bad business and I am appalled. I think that its a prime example of big business gone bad. And the company should be penalized for this disaster and forced to pay for the clean up. And they should be reprimanded and fined for their role in the Lockerbie bomber release.

Well, if I blog about other stuff I can ignore my medical crap for a bit. I have a bunch of doctor appointments next week that don't make me all excited but I should get some news on some issues I am dealing with. And to cap it off, I am having a radiofrequency denervation (where they stick in needles and kill the nerves) again but this time on my right sacroliac joint which is still very painful after 2 cortisone injections. But that's next week. Today I am waiting for the damn electrician again, meeting a friend for lunch, and doing some work. I think I'll sneak out for my morning walk before the electrician arrives.

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linda said...

Me too. Appalled. Angry. Frustrated. Must be something in the air...or the water...or the stars.

I wish you a successful procedure.

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