Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ha! I was right all along

Isn't it nice when studies confirm what you were already doing? Here it is: 'Cancer Survivors are Urged to Exercise'. As I may have muttered about a few times, I go for a daily walk. I did go for my daily walk during treatment. I try not to skip a day but sometimes it happens. Currently I claim I walk six days a week - because I have missed a few days here and there due to work schedules and meetings. Anyway, I get out there and walk. I do it for flab prevention and destressing. It is also nice to go to the doctor and have them always say one good thing - 'your blood pressure is nice and low' - in the middle of cancer talk... Its just nice to say 'ha! I was right!'

Now there is another article I was reading that confused me. I admit to being easily confused at time but there is one kind of article that always confuses me. These are the ones on checking for skin cancers. I look at the pictures and look at my skin. And look at the pictures and look at my skin. And look at the pictures and look at my skin. And give up and make a mental note to ask my doctor the next time I see her and usually forget (because I have no brain). And if I do remember, she'll ask me when I last saw a dermatologist and send me over to see one... But that will be months from now and I know this so I'll go back to looking at the pictures and looking at my skin and being confused.

But I digress. What am I doing today? I am working from home. I do have work to do and will attempt to get to it but I am also meeting my husband for lunch and some shopping. Even before that I am going for a walk which I plan on doing as soon as I have a little more coffee and do my damn exercises. I have noticed that a couple of days ago my arm was not feeling too great. I put it down to being stupid and carrying something. But then I realized I had skipped my arm exercises a few times and voila, my arm was aching and sore and feeling puffy. I have learned that I can control this stupid lymphedema with exercises... So maybe they aren't that bad.

Also today: back pain, check! Neck pain, check!

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