Saturday, July 10, 2010

Thoughts on blogging and news and privacy

I started blogging because I had a nasty medical diagnosis - breast cancer - but now I don't just blog about cancer, I blog about all my other medical ailments (and there are just a few), my interactions with the medical world (which are all too frequent), my opinions on just about anything I read, and what ever I feel like writing about. Its my blog and I can.

I find blogging to be therapeutic in that I can write about something and get it off my chest (so to speak). There is no English teacher who is going to tell me I can't write (a frequent experience in high school). Its just me and spell check,a spell check that often doesn't understand medical terms and leaves me a red squiggly line as a reminder that he thinks I am wrong.

Blogging also allows me to be in control, in some small way, of my medical issues. I am the one in control here and decide what I write about and when. Sometimes I am not ready to talk about things and still need to think about what the impact of the latest news really means. Or that the next step is something I need to digest some more.

Privacy on the internet is somewhat of an oxymoron. But I do what I feel comfortable with. If you know me, you know my whole name and email. If you don't know me you can leave a comment. Many of the comments I get are spam (so much for having a fan club) but I leave the majority up if only for the humor aspect. If you know me you can also find me on facebook (the internet's greatest time suck).

Enough on all that. Today is Saturday. It hasn't rained for a month. Today we were going to meet some friends at an outside festival and the weather forecast is for rain. Of course. But I will drag my husband out for a morning walk and stop at the pet store (which is conveniently 2 blocks from here) and get two cases of cat food. I do have some work I need to do today because I procrastinated this week. But now I need my coffee.

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