Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A day of playing pretend

Yesterday I went to the back pain doctor. He listened to my latest issues (whining) and told me I have problems with my left SI joint - I could have told him that - and I have new neuro-muscular issues in my upper back. The current plan for treating them is to try Cymbalta instead of Lyrica for a few months. Then if I am still having pain, they will try some muscular injections to relieve it. After this is resolved, we will then go on to my left SI joint and start with a cortisone injection or two.

He did tell me to take Cymbalta in the evening as it tends to make people sleepy. But he also said that some people it tends to keep them up and if it does that to me, I should switch to mornings. I took it last night and then started to get very sleepy so I went to bed. Walter came up at 11 and I woke up. At 1am, I woke up again. Then I think I was awake every five minutes all night long. So today I feel SSSSOOOOO wonderful. The problem is I have a very long day scheduled and include a follow up at my oncologists office. I have a feeling my inner crabby b*tch may show through from time to time.

Also, my dilemma is do I take Cymbalta this morning on the assumption that it is what kept me up last night (and is only 12 hours from when I last took it) or do I wait and take it again tonight? I am opting for plan B here because I kept waking up either too hot or too cold, my back hurt, etc. If my damn back would stop hurting I might sleep better.

So today at the oncologist I will attempt to look wide awake and human. I might need to resort to make up... I have my list of questions for her. Maybe I'll even write down the answers so I don't forget.

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