Friday, September 10, 2010

Its been a year since the first Stand Up 2 Cancer

Tonight is another Stand Up 2 Cancer event. Last year there were dozens of celebrities who got up and showed their strength against cancer. The networks all showed the same show. They are doing it again tonight.

I think it is great what they are trying to do - raise funds and awareness for cancer research. But I am not sure one hour a year is the right way. American Cancer Society is around year round raising money, providing help and information and other resources to those in need. They are a 24/7 organization. Stand Up 2 Cancer is trying to help one hour a year. I would like to see them do something year round - not tv shows year round - but to develop some kind of year round presence. I haven't seen much of them during the year - just some post event PR last fall and some pre event PR in the past few weeks. I mean cancer is 24/7 and once a year isn't that much in comparison. But that is my opinion only. I won't be able to watch tonight's show but have put the DVR to use so I will watch it when I can.

I think I am finally starting to get back on the right sleep balance. Last night I had 5 hours of sleep, the night before was decent but I was falling asleep at my desk yesterday, and the night before that I was up all night long. Today I took a real nap and feel human again.

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