Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Insuring sick people?

The beginnings of the new health care reform program are starting and apparently insurance companies are having to change the way they do business and start insuring sick people. Hmmm... Isn't the whole reason to have health insurance is in case you get sick?

I think a shake up of the insurance industry is a good idea. I mean there are people out there who faithfully pay their premiums and then get a nasty medical diagnosis and their insurance companies drop them.

Which makes me think a minute. Aren't insurance companies not supposed to know what your health issues are? It is fairly obvious. If first you submit a bill for a mammogram, and then an ultrasound, and then a biopsy, and then a consultation with an oncologist. I am sure they figured out that one. So obviously in this case, insurance companies are in the wrong for looking at what is going on with your health and then dropping you.

I am not getting on the political horse here to talk about the right and wrong of health care reform because this isn't about politics. I just want to write about the patient side of things.

I am lucky in that I have good health insurance and live in a state with many protective laws. But this really kills me when insurance companies say: "...insurers say the new rules could require them to cover too many sick children and too few healthy ones." Now the new laws are requiring them to change the way they do business - which I see as a good thing. What if you could only get health insurance if you were healthy? This has been a reality in some places.

Let's just hope that now sick people can get insurance.


Merida Grace said...

Sadly I have to say this new plan has only made things worse for my family and I. Our individual deductables have soared to $3000 per person before meds are covered, specialist appointments paid, tests and so forth. By the time I pay that the year will start all over again. A for my pre exsiting conditions? Glad it doesn't matter now but before I can see my cancer doc I have to fork out $3000. So if I am making under $50,000 a year and paying $590 a month for this insurnace plus the $3000 x's 4 well I am further behind than I was before bringing home less than $30, 000 before I even take out taxes. I am just not sold yet. I guess we will see right?

Nancy said...

I totally agree with everything you said. Insurance companies need to start making changes in the way they do business. It's time. Maybe we don't have all the kinks out yet, but at least we are moving in the right direction.

Unknown said...

Hi Caroline,
I'm a reporter for the Arlington Advocate and I'm very interested in your story. I think it's impressive that you've kept this blog for all these years and enjoy your straightforward commentary. I know you wrote in a post recently that you don't participate in Breast Cancer Awareness Month activities, but if you're interested at all in speaking with me about your blog, my email is Thanks and I hope to hear back from you!

commercial insurance quotes said...

I agree with your idea that insurance companies should so make a change. Nowadays carriers are denying people who are at high risk, they simply refuse to provide a policy to them. Whats the use of policy for some one who is healthy ? I wish that soon people who are sick will get an insurance policy.

Insured Insurances said...

Insurance company needs a change and everyone knows that but thing to consider is how? how to bring that? and who will tell them to bring that?

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