Friday, September 3, 2010

Struggling and juggling or juggling and struggling

So I am having a hectic few weeks. I am still feeling back logged from my last vacation and am about to leave on another vacation. I basically have too much to do between my two vacations. Isn't there a rule that for every week you are on vacation you need two weeks before and two weeks after to recover? I don't know but I am feeling the stress.

Like a normal person, I have job stress, pet stress, packing and planning stress. Both my jobs have HUGE deadlines to be done before we leave. Why both jobs at once? Because that's some stupid Murphy's law rule.

Next our cat has not been himself. He was my chemo buddy - and any other day when all I can do is sit there in a daze of chemo drugs or pain drugs and zone on the couch. He hangs out with me. He has liked me since the day we met because I made sure his diet contained all the foods he likes - not just the yucky dried food my husband used to feed him before I came along and messed up (improved) their lives. He has been 'off his feed' as they say. It turns out his bad gums (not bad teeth - he needs to floss) are red and sore and caused all sorts of ulcers in his mouth so we get the honor (of a twice daily battle) to insert one eye dropper of antibiotic in between his clenched jaws for the next week or so. After 2 doses he is already better.

Finally, we have to figure out what to take on vacation - what we can do vs. what we want to do taking health issues into consideration. How to carry luggage - or how my husband will carry the luggage and I will carry my knitting and my little purse?

Then there are the health issues causing stress. I have visit to the pain doctor stress on Tuesday, followed by visit to the oncologist stress on Wednesday and finally dentist cleaning stress (I hate the dentist - not the person the procedure) on Thursday. Is the pain doctor going to give me more needles or more tests? What about the oncologist - what if she finds something? There is always that option with an oncologist and when they find something its never good. An hour of having someone pick at my teeth with a sharp metal thing is not high on my list of fun things to do. I am also getting my hair cut on Tuesday and am running a meeting Wednesday night.

Oh and today my husband has the day off and wants to do fun things but I have all these pressures leaning on me. I will compromise. We went for a walk. I made him breakfast. We will go pick up some stuff I need for one of my deadlines. I will kick his butt (I hope) in mini golf and stop at the library on the way home. Then I will get some work done toward my deadline as the weather goes down hill and the hurricane breezes on by.

I am struggling to juggle or juggling in a struggle. I don't know which but I have too many balls in the air for the next week. Then I want to go on vacation and be lazy and admire the scenery and enjoy time with my husband.

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