Thursday, December 9, 2010

I am faced with a VERY long day

Today I have a VERY long day - worthy of capitals. I have a 7am PT appointment, followed by work, followed by a Christmas party. I should be home by 8 or so. To many of you that is not a long day, never mind a VERY long day. For me, exhaustion will set in and tomorrow I will have to take it easy as a result.

Basically, between all my ailments I have no ability to go out for more than a few hours at a time. Work is not that bad because I sit in a big, ergonomic chair and get up periodically to go to the restroom, printer, copier etc. I go home and I am tired. But I can't work two full days in a row. Tomorrow I will spend most of the day at home - except my chronic pain group (that I haven't been to in months).

My life has changed. And won't unchange. Yesterday I successfully made by back, both hips, left shoulder, right (tennis) elbow, and ankle all hurt. But I was very productive with work. So I am not sure how today will be as a result. It will be long.

Its a difficult new reality to cope with. I have to plan going out. I have to make sure I allow myself time to take it easy daily. My new exercise class has definitely had a positive impact and I feel better in and more flexible which is nice. But I can't do some of the exercises because they involve weights or twisting. That won't change either. (The cat is lucky I can still pick him up as he gains weight but I do it daily to make sure I still can.)

There is being tired and there is fatigue. Tired is how I feel now when I have to get out of bed. Fatigue is being lethargic and needing a nap when you haven't really done anything. I'll have both later too.

Well, its 6am and time for my day to start (and do all my (damn) exercises) and I am sure I have more pills to take as well.

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