Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cancer = monster

Cancer is a nasty monster, like the one hiding in your closet or under your bed as a kid. Is it going to get you tonight while you are sleeping? Or if not you, your mom and dad, your best friend, your siblings, your pet? Who is next? You would never know and wake up scared...

Cancer is a monster to Aidan who is drawing them through his treatment. He has help selling them on etsy for $12 each.

I think this is very cool. He's five years old and still in the hospital under going treatment. We all do things to help us cope. Obviously I write my blog and that's my way of coping. But he's five. How much does a five year old understand about cancer? How much do any of us understand about cancer?


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We are still not fully aware of the disease and don't understand how to deal with it.It is a hard fight and it's better that you fight it bravely.

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