Thursday, December 2, 2010


(Feel free to replace the title with the appropriate word of your choice which equals frustration).

Yesterday I went to my exercise class and talked to the instructor about my elbow. She said she wanted me to talk to the physical therapist this morning about what I should and shouldn't do. Then I went to the monthly breast cancer support group I never get to because the lymphedema specialist specialist was there. She said I need to wear my (damn) sleeve again until my right arm is back to normal AND I need to be extra careful not to stress my left lymphedema arm until my right tennis elbow is under control.

My husband is gloating because he was telling me I should wear my damn sleeve and he has been proven right. That's not the frustrating part (even though he didn't remember to notice my hair cut yesterday even while prompted). The frustrating part is by day I wear my (f)ugly lymphedema sleeve and by night I get to wear my stupid wrist brace for my tennis elbow. Now I am accessorized 24/7.

Then yesterday I was exhausted. I don't know why but I ended up taking a nap and then even going to bed early. Grrr!

Today I am off to work and will attempt to make it through a whole day. I need to talk to the PT people (after I scrape them off the floor when I give them my medical history and the list of don'ts from doctors) about how the pain kicks in and I can't do much of anything.

Just another post cancer day. Grr, grr, grr.

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