Sunday, October 2, 2011

I am digging my way through the layer of pink

I just got back from a weekend away and sat down to read the Sunday paper. The paper was fine. Even interesting. It has the latest news (as of last night) which is fine by me. I feel caught up and educated after being out of touch.

Silly me, after going through the paper, I decided to see what coupons were available (because I am cheap). That was a mistake. Everything was pinkified. I could bake, do laundry, eat cereal, bread, drink juice and I can't even remember all the rest for the cure. Oops! I can't say anything is 'for the cure' because it has been trademarked by the Komen marketing machine. But you get my point. It is pinkified. Life is pinkified.

I like the color pink which is why my blog is pink. My blog is not pink because it has anything to do with breast cancer. My blog is pink because I like pink. I own lots of pink items - including a pink (official MLB gear) Red Sox hat. I currently have pink nail polish on my hands. I am starting to dislike pink because of the pinkification of breast cancer 'for the cure'. I think I might have to change my blog. Maybe I'll find another favorite color. I used to like yellow a lot. Maybe that's next.

But this pinkification is ridiculous. I think it throws a layer of paint or ink on a not so fun ailment. But cancer is not about pink or paint
or shopping with the politically correct color to send $1.00 of every $10  you spend to find a cure/more research or whatever. Cancer is about people who are living and coping with it. Cancer is not about pink.

Anyway, I will dig my way through a layer of pink this month and see what I can do for the cure at the grocery store.


Anna said...

Agreed! The over commercizalization of breast cancer awareness is mind boggling... I just wrote on this exact topic:

Megan S. said...

I can agree with you. I've recently read a couple other blog posts and articles along the same lines, and it's more moving coming from someone who has been through it all. I just wrote a little bit about this on my blog too!

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