Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Up, down, up, down, up, down

No that isn't a seesaw. That's my internal body temperature - thank-you-Femara (or what ever its generic name is these days). I asked my oncologist about it. Most people get hot flashes. I don't. It gave me the inability to regulate my body temperature. This means I can go from normal to boiling hot to freezing cold and back in the space of about five minutes without moving or changing anything or turning a fan on and off.

I am overjoyed to be coping with such a minor side effect (not) in that at least I am not freezing cold all the time. My husband tells me I am a lizard because I am always cold. I tell him when I married him his job was to keep me warm. But now, I bounce wildly from one end of the temperature spectrum to the other. An example is yesterday afternoon I was driving home I alternately had the heat on, the AC on and the window open. That was in a 30 minute time period.

But in the spectrum of cancer side effects this is relatively mild and I only have another 15 months to cope with it. That's okay, its getting progressively worse as time goes on. By then I'm sure I'll be vacillating between the South Pole and a preheated oven. I can't wait.

But one thing I can wait for is my lovely day I have scheduled. I will get off my lazy but and go to the gym in pursuit of deflabbiness. After that I have a quick meeting and then will come home and attempt to productively work from home before I have a medical misadventure scheduled. Another needle under my knee cap. Now I know its not that bad. I had the other knee done in June and it was relatively pain free. I did have a lot of pressure in my knee after and had to sit there for twenty minutes to make sure I wouldn't pass out or something. Its just the idea of a needle under my knee cap. Ick! Its like fingernails on the blackboard.

When was the last time you saw a blackboard anyway? They have gone to obsolescence. Generations of children will grow up unable to irritate their classmates by running their fingernails down the black board. But I digress. Both the ideas of fingernails on the blackboard and needles under the knee cap make my spine tingle.

But I digress. I will take my over/underheated body to deflab at the gym. Later I will approach my needle misadventure with my inner wimp (who is accompanied by my inner size six person) by telling them about my needle phobia and they will attempt to distract me (which they are pretty good at) and I will plan on spending 20 minutes with a book on ice before proceeding back home. I can be such a wimp at times. But I have learned to put my wimpiness to good use.


Debbi said...

I love the
I am dealing with the same thing to a point from chemo. BUT at least maybe I wont freeze all winter this year.
Feel better
Praying for you

Krysta Youngs said...
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Krysta Youngs said...

My mom was diagnosed with #breastcancer, fought and WON!!! I wrote this song for her and every other STRONG woman out there that has been touched by this disease!


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