Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sometimes its nice not to remember

Last year I had a series of very UNfun back procedures. One of them was a radiofrequency denervation which is just a fancy word for sticking hot needles in your back. I did not remember it as a fun experience. However my memory is wrong which is why I have my blog to remind me of what I did last year, and last week, and yesterday. (And you thought I wrote this to entertain you - its actually a written memory for me so I can look things up that I can't remember.)

Last May 19 I had the same procedure. I remembered it as being an awful nasty experience that I didn't want to repeat. But I am wrong. I read my blog from that day and it turns out I took a nap during it and didn't feel it. Now I am much happier. I do want some breakfast and can't eat because I will be sedated. I think this happened to me last year. I have informed my husband that for dinner tonight I want chocolate ice cream with nuts in it.

I am sure my day will be filled with needles - as in IV and back injections - but hopefully not a lot of pain to go with it. After this back procedure, I have scheduled a nap and then I get to go record a public service announcement on the local cable station at 4pm. I hope I am awake for it. I will set an alarm clock. That would be good not to record snoring.

Then I need to figure out when I can see my back pain doctor to schedule some of those really unfun procedures to work on the rest of my back. All those procedures I had last year have worn off so they have to be repeated. They can be repeated as often as yearly and if I get 18-24 months out of each one that is fine by me.

So I have nothing profound to write about today. I will report tomorrow on how I am feeling and maybe I'll be inspired to write about something by then. But right now I am starving and all I can think about is what I want to eat when I get home. Maybe I'll have ice cream for lunch.

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kate said...

Hi Caroline,

I was wondering if you would be interested in doing a review/feature of a new cancer book called "When Cancer Hits Home" written by an oncologist. If you're interested please email me so I can send you more information :)

Thanks so much!

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