Friday, October 21, 2011

Mammogram controversy - more on the if we can't kill them, let's confuse them theory

So when should women start having mammograms. One theory is that annual mammograms lead to more false alarms and unnecessary biopsies. Then the opposing side says mammograms in younger women are essential as younger women are more likely to have their cancers found in early stage through mammograms than by self exam.

Hmmm.... so what is a smart woman to do? On one hand if you have mammograms you might have scares and unnecessary stress. On the other hand, your cancer is much more likely to be caught early thus allowing you to live a longer life. Me? I would opt for the longer life idea. I have had annual mammogram since I had a fibroidadenoma (fancy word for benign tumor) at the age of 23 and my breast cancer was found in a mammogram at 45. I think I also would have been having mammograms anyway because of that other cancer.

So if you are confused you are not alone. I think it is a giant conspiracy anyway. So if you have a nasty medical diagnosis, your doctors give all kinds of advice and expect you to make a rational decision while in the fog of 'OMG-I-have-cancer-and-gonna-die'. Confused patients are much more malleable and cooperative.... 'Um, I'm not sure. Doctor what should I do?" And then they make the decision for you.  

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Cansirboi said...

So true in the making of decisions while being confused. I love your blog because you say how it is!

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