Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Over the top

Okay, I lied. Again. I'm sorry. I'm writing about pinkification again so if it is really driving you crazy feel free to skip my blog today and read it again tomorrow. I was surfing this morning and came across a list of weird things that have been pinked. If you must buy pinked things, you might as well get something really weird... but check the fine print first.

Penguin Group Romance Novels- They have a Read Pink program and will donate $25,000 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. But I couldn't find how much of each purchase is part of the $25,000.... Maybe they are just making the donation and not taking a specific amount for each book. I can see the connection - romance novels are read by women... Not that bad an item.

Pink Ribbon Pasta from the Pasta Shoppe. 10% of each purchase goes to Komen... But I didn't see a maximum being donated. But pink pasta with red sauce might look yucky on your plate.

Pink Boxing gloves - 'A portion of each item goes to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation' - so what portion? Is there a maximum? Can I have a pair to take out my frustrations with my health and not hurt my hands if I get the desire to punch something?

Delta Sky Miles & Minute Maid Pink Lemonade - 10% of your membership fee goes to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. They also give you an opportunity to donate directly. And 100% of all sales of Minute Maid Pink Lemonade in October are going to the BCRF as well. What ever happened to free inflight beverages?

A car - I am not kidding on this one. You can get a Fiat 500 with a breast cancer ribbon decal. $1000 of each car purchase goes to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Again I did not see a maximum being donated.

Carry-on bag from Tumi - 20% of the $445 price (or $89) of a special multi color pink bag goes to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation during October.

Pink Ribbon Cable lock - It vaguely states that the manufacturer donates a portion of the purchase to the National Breast Cancer Foundation... I would skip this one. How much is being donated? Don't waste your $14.95 plus shipping.

9mm Hand Gun - Just because Smith & Wesson now makes a pink gun, does not turn me into a card carrying member of the NRA. They don't tell you how much is being donated... And its out of stock.

Magnetic hammer - I am not a tool persona nd am not sure why a hammer needs to be magnetic but a pink one? No thanks. I already have a pink tool set that has a pink hammer - that was given to me as a joke. (My husband refuses to use any of the tools in it.)  This company has its own Pink for a Purpose fund which gives money to Avon's Breast Cancer Awareness and Anti-Domestic Violence funds as well as a pet care fund. But how much?

Swiffer Duster kit - but its out of stock....

Beer Pong Table - I didn't know they made beer pong tables never mind pinked ones. Since I am long since out of college, I don't need one. I can see these in fraternity houses across the country. And its the official size of the World Series of Beer Pong and the Atlantic City Beer Pong Championship...$10 of each $139.95 price (on sale from $169.95) goes to breast cancer research... but what organization?

Skis from K2.... But they don't tell you how much or who it is etc.

Okay. Most of these are over the top. But if you must buy any of them, be sure you know how much of your money is going to what organization and if there is a maximum. Often companies set up these products and give a portion of your purchase to a non-profit up to a certain amount. After reaching the maximum, the portion becomes part of their profit. I promise to stop blogging about pinkification. I am so happy October is almost over.

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