Saturday, October 8, 2011

I'm cheap

My husband says its a bad day when I have to pay full price for something. I hate to do that. It drives me crazy. I have been known to buy something, see it go on sale, return it and rebuy it at the lower price or just go back to the store to get the discount. If there is a way for me to save money I will. Forget about paying for shipping on line, I don't. I have a B&N card so I get a disocunt. I always order enough to get free shipping.

So how do I feel about planning ahead? I am a fan because it saves money. If you go to the grocery store and plan so you have a list, coupons and reusable bags, you save money. I plan.

But now I need to add end of life planning. Why you ask? Because it saves money. I'm that cheap. It is now proven (through yet another study) that end of life planning saves money. Also, I have no desire to end up on a feeding tube and life support with drool running down my face. Unless the IV has red wine in it.

I come from a family of cheap planners. When my grandfather died, my grandmother planned her funeral as well and prepaid for it to save money. She also had an 'in case of death' envelope which contained all the necessary information on what should go in her obituary and death notice, what to do for her memorial service, her cremation, and where the hidden silver was (my aunt was supposed to know but didn't which is good but apparently it was moved years before but that's another story). Twenty years later when she died, we had all the information we needed. My point is, and I always need a point, is that its not my fault I am such a planner, its genetic. 

Actually where I work there is an Advanced Cancer Support Group and one of the big issues is to help everyone plan their end of life with a Five Wishes directive. They decide where they want to die - home, hospital, hospice, with whom, etc.  I think it is a great idea.

So now I will have to work on my end of life planning. I also don't want to be a burden on anyone left behind. And I want to be cheap even after I'm gone.

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