Thursday, May 20, 2010

Its just a side effect

I hate side effects. What is the side effect of a three hour nap? Waking up at 4 am.

Yesterday went okay as 12 needles worth of fun can be. I got to the hospital and had an hour to wait because I was early so my husband wouldn't be late for work. Normally I would go eat some breakfast but I couldn't eat. I sat in the lobby and knitted and watched CNN.

Finally I motivated to check in and went down to the surgical area. I changed into a lovely gown and coordinated robe that make us all look like other clones... Then the fun began. They had to put in an IV. I have wimpy veins. They have limited options as I have lymphedema arm which is not allowed to be used for IV's, blood pressures, etc. I made a point to drink two glasses of water before my cut off time because it can help with your veins. Basically I think that if you are dehydrated your veins are skinnier.

The first nurse tried. She poked and prodded and then she pulled out her needle and tried the first vein. She didn't get in the vein. But it hurt, more than the tiny pinch she promised and caused some bruising. Then she went to vein number two, which is nice and prominent on the back of my hand. She said that was a rolling vein, meaning it moves around, and she missed again. At this point (thankfully) she gave up and got another nurse who poked and prodded as well and then she tried. It took her some effort but finally after several needle pricks I had my IV. And two other sore spots. Ouch. I will say its not the nurses, its my wimpy veins. This isn't the first time they have had a problem. I asked about this and was told that some days can be better than others and there is not much that I can do about it.

Then we went for the fun part. I was told with the sedation, I wouldn't really feel or remember it. I did feel the first needles. But then I took a nap and it was over. I dozed in the post op area and then came home. My father dropped me off and wanted to come in. I said I was fine and got my bowl of chocolate ice cream, which the cat wanted to share, and then got in bed for just a minute. I had a three hour nap. With the cat. Even though it was 3pm I wanted my grilled turkey and cheese sandwich. I couldn't find them. I went through the entire fridge. I had to settle for left over spinach pie (quite yummy but not the same thing). I have no idea what happened.

I did get some work done after that and had dinner. I did go to bed relatively early. I feel okay this morning but my back definitely is achy sore. It is to be expected after all the needles. I should feel improvement in the next two to six weeks as it takes that long for the nerves to die off. Today I will go to work because I think I can do it. I will bring my ice pack and pain meds and can leave early if I need to.

PS I found the turkey and cheese in the freezer after dinner....

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Debby said...

I am hopeful that this procedure brings you relief. You've been dealing with this pain stuff for quite some time.

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