Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I dreamed about the garbage disposal

A little background here so you don't think I am too weird. I had sedation last week and I always get weird dreams from the drugs for a few days. Whenever we have issues with the garbage disposal, I am the one to reach in and 'rescue' things. Most recently this included the little top for the pressure cooker (and am now in search of a replacement one). But I digress, the other night I had a dream about the garbage disposal that for some reason something got stuck in it and when I reached in it was full of broken glass all over the bottom - like light bulb glass. Then in my dream I decided it might be better to grind it up and send it on its merry way down the drain.

In the morning, I thought 'what a weird dream'. So if anyone wants to analyze that, feel free and tell me what you think. But if it says anything about cancer, forget it, don't bother.

Yesterday I went to work and then for a walk. There is a nice big lake conveniently on the way home which is about 3 miles around. I decided to take advantage of the nice weather and get my daily walk in there. It was quite nice - a little crowded but nice.

Today I am behind schedule. Usually between the combination of my husband getting up and the cat wanting breakfast there is no hope I get to sleep past 6. Usually the cat comes back up and sits on me until I get up - a 15 lb cat on your stomach is not conducive to sleep. Well both failed in their jobs this morning, and I didn't wake up until 7. That doesn't sound very late but I have work to do and then have to get out of here around 9 for an appointment. Later I am meeting a friend for a walk and then need to fit in a good chunk of work this afternoon. My life is not too exciting.

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