Sunday, May 23, 2010

Never interfere with (someone else's) motivation (which might benefit you)

I have a problem (well maybe more than one but that's another story) in that I like to garden but because of my lymphedema and back, I can't really garden. I mean I can do little things but not the extensive gardening I used to do. Carrying around planters and bags of compost, sifting dirt for pots, and digging holes, etc. are things I cant do. My husband is learning how much work gardening is. He helped earlier this week and I told him I needed more help again this weekend which I knew he would get to at some point.

Yesterday morning at 7 am I was in bed, barely awake, and I heard him out in the backyard getting started. I threw on some clothes and ran outside to keep him motivated by getting my plants in and my dahlias out to be put in the garden and more. He was motivated and I wanted to keep him moving. Two hours later, we were both exhausted and stopped for breakfast, all my plants were in - vegetables, spring bulbs, window boxes, hanging plants, front planters, the lawn was mowed and fertilized.

Gardening goes much faster when there are two of us but I still wish I could play in the dirt more. I do need to get some marigolds to plant in front of my tomatoes but then I am done. No maybe I have some more seeds to put in or did I finish those? I can't remember.

Anyway, my husband woke up motivated yesterday and worked hard and now I am happy. But I today I have to do some weeding.


WhiteStone said...

Our yard is small but I'm finding I have to do my gardening a bit at a time. I'm a bit behind schedule, but it will all get done eventually.

linda said...

What a lovely relationship you and your husband have. :-)

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