Thursday, May 27, 2010

Vitamins vs. eating a balanced diet

I try to eat a healthy diet. I really do. I mean we eat vegetables and grains and less and less meat and cheese and other high fat things. But I know I am not perfect and need vitamins so I take my vitamins (when I remember) and make up the difference. So I saw this article 'How to eat your vitamins' and thought wow, maybe I can do this. Then I started reading what you need to eat to get everything you need.

I believe for example that I would need to eat a 3 oz piece of red meat, a cheese burger on a whole wheat bun, a piece of salmon, and a piece of halibut as well as yogurt and a glass of milk, a cup of raw broccoli, a banana, an orange, a fig, some almonds, 1 serving of fortified breakfast cereal, a spinach salad, a cup of lentil soup, two slices of whole wheat toast, some raisins, and a baked potato. What? I can't eat that much in one day? I would be a balloon. Forget it, I am sticking with my vitamins. (And I'll really try to remember to take them.)

I am slowly motivating this morning. It was very hot again yesterday and that is just tiring. Today it is going to be 20 degrees cooler. I have lots to do and have to go to work and then run around and get a thousand things done. Might as well get moving.

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