Thursday, May 6, 2010

It can be yours as well for $20 and a mere ten minutes twice a day!

Yes, you too can have a healthy balancing ankle for the mere investment of a $20 copay and ten minutes twice a day. No stress, no strain, no surgery!

Yesterday I went to see my ankle surgeon. I thought because of the state of my ankle after twisting and falling a few weeks back (when I attempted to be a healthy person) that I had no choice but ankle surgery to heal up. The surgeon talked to me and then she tried bending my ankle around under this funky xray machine where she could move my ankle and take pictures of it. It was kind of cool, but I digress. She said the ligaments are fine and surgery would do nothing. But my balance is off. I admit to neglecting the balance exercises I had been given - I have so many damn exercises I forgot them - but apparently they are the key to my healthy ankle. So ten minutes twice a day, I need to balance on my ankle for a minute at a time and then off and then back on. Can you balance on one foot for one minute? Can you do that five times in a row? This will be a challenge. And today my ankle hurts because of the contortions the doctor put it through yesterday. But I am supposed to try this for six weeks and go back and see her. Then if its still a problem I will get more PT.

So I left the doctor's office and was driving home and was very happy I don't have to have surgery. I didn't want more surgery. But I was hoping that it would heal up my ankle and it would stop hurting and get better. It would be nice that something would actually get better. So the downside of this is six weeks, actually probably more, of work on my ankle and then PT and then finally, maybe it will be better. So not as good as initially assumed.

Yesterday was a very long day. I worked, went to the doctor, went for a walk and went to my monthly support group. I was gone for 12 hours. My back was not happy. As a result, even though I put on a pain patch and took pain meds, I was up for a few hours in the middle of the night. I am overscheduled today - work 8-215, 230 phone call at home, 4-5 manicure & pedicure, 530 hair cut - and I want to fit in a walk, but I am starting out exhausted. This won't be fun. Tonight I will go to bed early. But now I have to start balancing, doing my back exercises, my arm exercises, and eat some breakfast.

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