Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I am very aggravated and resultingly stressed. I am aggravated about the lack of success (or should I say the destruction) of my diet while on vacation. I know this is my fault but I feel I went backward and am avoiding the scale for a week or two and postponing my follow up visit with the dietitian.

I am aggravated about my stupid back. I go back on the 19th for a facet block. this is a permanent procedure where they use radiofrequency to kill of inflamed nerves in your back. The idea is they are feeling pain so they get rid of them and they grow back but forget about the pain they felt before. I am not really looking forward to this but if it gives me any kind of relief like the diagnostic one they did, it will be great. But the process is another one where they stick all kinds of needles in my back. And just having it on my calendar is a bit of a stress factor.

I am aggravated about my stupid ankle. I go back to the doctor tomorrow to see about scheduling ankle surgery and figure out how long to wait after the back procedure before the surgery and how I can have a cast for six weeks and not be on crutches because of my stupid lymphedema.

I am stressed about my Friday doctor appointments - annual mammogram, bone density test, follow up with surgeon, and appointment with oncologist. It will not be a fun day. I will be stressed. Also, its not something I like having on my calendar.

I am aggravated by people who tell me they are doing one thing and then dont - how long do you wait if someone says 'I want to do something nice for you' and then you never hear. When do you assume its not going to happen? Or by people who you ask not to do something and they do it anyway - when do you trust them and when don't you?

I don't know but by the end of yesterday I was very aggravated, and crabby, and possibly a tad cranky as well. This turns me into a stressed person as opposed to the nice mild mannered person that I try to be.


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