Thursday, May 13, 2010

We must stop and ask why?

Why is it on the days when you have to get up early you can't sleep the night before and wake up overtired and stressed before you leave the house? This is not fair. I have to go to a volunteer event and be perky and cheerful and answer the same questions forty seven times - is there WiFi? Whats the user name and password? How do we correct our badges? But I must say, everyone is nice, its just me who is overtired because I didn't sleep. I actually enjoy this conference every year and wish that I could stay for the day's sessions but because of both of our doctor appointments, I will go and help the exhibitors get what they need so they will be ready for the networking session that starts at 830. I will then leave and begin the doctor appointment rounds.

Now why didn't I sleep well? Because between the husband and the cat, apparently I am only entitled to a sliver of the bed about 10" wide, and I am slightly (but not much) wider than that. So the entire night I was squished. This is not a first time occurrence. It seems to be happening regularly. Our featherweight cat has decided he has a new place he likes to sleep which is approximately 1 foot from the edge of the queen size bed right under the pillows. He's happy. My husband is happy. I'm squished. When I get in bed first, I have plenty of room. Grrr...

Anyway, I have to get moving because I will be late and my husband is nagging.

PS My husband just read this and claims he had nomore room in the bed than the I did so the cat must be to blame and isn't too happy with the word 'nagging' so please read the last phrase as 'my husband is attempting to get me out the door on time'. And he's not a bed hog. The cat is.


WhiteStone said...

Ah, those cats! The only remedy is to move your arm (or foot) under the covers and gently (or not quite so gently) shove them off the edge of the bed. They will learn to find a more appropriate spot.

My sympathizes on being tired! Been there! Catch a quick cat nap today if you can. lol

linda said...

The amount of sleep a person gets in relationship to the amount of sleep a person WANTS to get is positively correlated with happiness up to 10 out of 10. So let's say you want to get 9 hours sleep, but only get 5 hours sleep, leaving you with a deficit of -4 hours. You will be -4 on the happiness scale, or 6 out of 10. If you get more sleep than you wanted, you are not guaranteed more happiness, but may become too lethargic to care.

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