Friday, May 7, 2010

Stress? What is that?

Today I have
- 1030am mammogram
- 1130am bone density scan
- 1200pm oncologist appointment
- 100pm surgeon appointment

So how am I this morning? Stressed? Just a tiny bit. I have to pack my bag of crap to take with me including a book (which I think I'll have plenty of time to read because a day like this always involves LOTS of waiting), two lists of doctor questions, my list of medications and allergies, and a half an ativan to take when I get to the hospital so I don't stress all day. If there is one thing I have learned is that sometimes it pays to be proactive. My only question is when do I get lunch because I am sure that I will be running late after my first appointment which means I won't have time to eat until after my last appointment and I might get crabby if I am hungry.

My goals for the day are:

- a clean mammogram because we don't want to go through all of THAT again
- a good bone density test that shows my osteopenia did reverse itself or stabilize in the two years since my last one when I upped my doses of calcium and vitamin D
- a clean bill of health from both my surgeon and oncologist
- a prescription for more lymphedema sleeves from my surgeon
- a prescription for an aromatase inhibitor instead of Tamoxifen
- all my silly little questions answered
- no cancer cooties, suspicious findings, or anything abnormal found which requires any further testing
- lunch

Then once I get through all that I have to go to work for a meeting. Would anyone like to make a wager as to what time I will actually get done with all my appointments? My meeting is at anytime after 2 and preferably start before 3 due to traffic avoidance desires. I am not sure I will make it by 3...

Yesterday I survived my busy day and lost my sun glasses - but found them when I realized I never took them with me and they were at home on the end table all the time I was looking for them and looking stupid wearing my husband's sun glasses that he left in the car. Then I got my nails done and my hair cut (and as predicted, when I came home my husband said my hair looked the same as in the morning).

Now I am going to take my stress level out for a walk to enjoy the nice morning. But I just realized its 47 degrees so I guess I won't be wearing shorts.

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