Sunday, May 16, 2010

A secret mission

Today I am off on a secret mission. My sister and a friend are doing the Avon 40 mile walk for breast cancer this weekend. I called them to cheer them on (and annoy them) several times yesterday. This morning, I will call again just when they should be starting. But what my secret mission is that I plan on calling them from the first mile marker where there is a cheering station and will walk with them for a bit. They don't know this which is why it is a secret mission. But since they are computerless (and slept in a tent last night) I can write about it here and they won't know until afterward.

Yesterday they both asked me if I can join them at the closing ceremonies which are way the hell on the other side of Boston and involves standing around. This is closer and a shorter excursion that my pitiful excuse for a back should be able to manage. And its a surprise.

I think its a great thing what they are doing. These days there is no way I would be up for a 40 mile walk, regardless of how much training I put in. My back could not handle it. But I completely support them in their efforts (and if you would like to donate to them, its not too late.)

Also, thanks to my pitiful excuse for a back, I am up early (the cat's happy he had breakfast early) and might actually make it there on time. I need to leave in about 1 hour to make sure I get there on time.

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