Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bottled water

I found this interesting. A local town wants to ban the sale of drinking water in plastic bottles starting next year. Its not the water that's the problem, its the bottles. I found it interesting that they are not the first and there are other places that no longer spend tax payer dollars on bottled water.

I am someone who goes out the door every day with water in a refillable bottle. I don't buy bottled water except in desperation - meaning I forgot my bottle or something. Then I see people buying bottled water daily and throwing out, not recycling, the empty bottles. I find it to be a wasteful habit. Do you ever get to a meeting and find everyone has been given a bottle of water? What's wrong with tap water out of a pitcher? Its probably cleaner than the bottled water any - it is more regulated.

Anyway, enough rambling on that. Today is our fifth wedding anniversary. In that time between the two of us we have had six surgeries, two cancer diagnoses, and numerous other medical fun adventures. But we are still here and happy together. Perhaps we will celebrate tonight.

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linda said...

Happy Anniversary! You must genuinely love each other.

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