Friday, April 30, 2010

Adventures in travel

We went up to Montreal for a few days. We stayed in a great hotel and had a good time - except the day it snowed and we opted to explore underground Montreal instead which is like a giant shopping mall. We did have a few adventures:

- the botanical gardens are not very good the day after a snow storm.
- it is impossible to avoid hordes of students on field trips at museums if you go on a weekday.
- if you want to eat dinner outside under a tent, it is wise to do it before the snow storm.
- we managed to sit and admire the Notre Dame cathedral for an hour - and listen to some great music - by attending the Sunday mass which had a choir and organ.
- if one wants to be able to use one's bathrobe, it is important to bring your bathrobe belt.
- just because you are in a foreign country, it doesn't mean your back won't hurt.
- it is important to remember to bring everything home that you left with - we are searching for some things.
- it is difficult to con your spouse into eating weird food if he is paying attention.
- cell phones work on the highway for a nanosecond and then you have no bars and your calls get cut off so people may think you are being rude.
- it is possible to get great deals on somethings even when the exchange rate isn't very good.

Otherwise it was a great time. We shall go back.

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linda said...

Sounds like fun. I've never been to Montreal, but I did visit Toronto a long time ago. It seemed so clean compared with American cities. Was Montreal like that too?

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