Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dealing with nice people

It is such a relief to deal with nice, normal, non-neurotic people on a regular basis. I started my new part time job yesterday and everyone I dealt with, okay there were only two, were nice and normal. I think it got off to a good start. There were the normal first day glitches of needing to get passwords and keys and things like that but it went well. I worked there for three hours and then worked more at home. I will work ten hours a week, some there (5 minutes away) and some at home (in my pajamas with the cat).

Today I am off to my other job for the day which is also filled with nice people. My goal is to work there all day today and tomorrow and then work from home again on Thursday for my other jobs.

Friday I will go off to a girl's weekend with my friends. The biggest issue with girls weekend is to some how stick to my diet. Normally on girls weekend, we don't eat the most nutritionally balanced meals. We eat chips, and desserts, and chicken wings, and round it out with a little bit of drinking. I am bringing a big salad so we will have salad both nights and some apples and bananas for a fruit bowl. I hope to have some nutrition but realize that I may not adhere strictly to my diet.

Otherwise life goes on. I will work today and then go for a walk. Tomorrow I will repeat the process. How exciting. I have no idea what I am going to make for dinner but wouldn't be surprised if I have something I can throw together in the refrigerator.

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