Monday, April 26, 2010

Stowe Weekend of Hope

We are off this weekend to go to the Stowe Weekend of Hope. We went last year and enjoyed it. Its one of those things that are free to cancer patients the first year and then at reduced lodging rates for additional years. I find 'free to cancer patients' somewhat as an oxymoron or something - cancer is a really high price.) Anyway, it should be a great time. They get some great speakers who focus on dealing with cancer and coping and hoping.

We will arrive on Thursday night. Friday has sessions on breast cancer all day. Saturday has a mini conference on Thyroid cancer as well as sessions on colorectal cancer - so we will be busy all day. There are also all sorts of other sessions on different cancers, living with cancer, dealing with cancer, coping with cancer, as well as celebrating still being here, vendors with resources for cancer people, etc. When you check in you get a name tag which lists the types of cancer you have. Most people have one type. I have two types but then there are people who have three or four types of cancer.

Then they make announcements to find people with your type of cancer and start talking. People open up to others with cancer in ways you have not seen until you are there. Cancer is isolating and if you don't have it, you don't understand. But put a bunch of us cancer people together and we will happily share our medical histories and compare prescriptions and side effects for hours. Because we all understand what is going on.

So if you are going to be in the area of Stowe VT this weekend, sign up at and come talk to the rest of us with cancer.


WhiteStone said...

You're right about cancer joining us together. Mine is ovarian but I sometimes run across BC patients and when I recognize them (hairless heads) it is easy to strike up an encouraging conversation.

Cancer Specialist said...

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Pink Ribbon said...

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Breast Cancer Awareness said...

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Dr. Larry Deutsch said...

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