Saturday, April 17, 2010

Long term chemo effects

For a quick bit of humor, watch this first...
See, it pays to be polite. Don't honk at old people.

So I was surfing the internet (wasting time online again) and found this one person asked a question if chemo could have caused her hands to shake. So having an inquiring mind, I had to read the whole damn thing. I had forgotten a lot of these - conveniently blocked them out of mind. Perhaps this is due to my cognitive dysfunction (a/k/a chemo brain). So in conclusion, having chemo brain can be helpful. You have a reason for blocking out the bad parts of life.

So today is another rainy yucky day. Yesterday I was bad. I didn't go for a walk (gasp!) nor did I do all my exercises last evening (double gasp!) nor did I take all my vitamins (triple gasp!) nor did I eat a salad (quadruple gasp!). But I worked all day (and got a manicure) and it was rainy so I didn't have time to go for a walk or to the gym. I was lazy and didn't feel like doing all my exercises. And I have chemo brain so I forgot the rest of my vitamins last night.

This morning I am going for a walk (the rain has stopped but its cold and yucky out) and then I think I have a volunteer meeting. Tonight we are going out. Yes really. We are going to a fund raising dinner dance for the nonprofit I now work for. It should be fun. It means getting out of our rut.


Unknown said...

OMG - that video was FUNNY! Thanks for sharing it!

Melissa said...

Hi Caroline! I wanted to touch base with you about something. Could you please email me so that I may explain privately. Thank You! Melissa

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