Friday, April 16, 2010

Who is this twit? Part II

A friend of mine posted this yesterday and I can't believe there are more twits in this world (and I use the term twit loosely).

I don't mind the article. I think it does have a point. I think its a badly written article. Maybe badly is the wrong word but my inner marketing writer thinks it could have been phrased with a bit more socially correctness. Here is the conclusion:

'“This study suggests that being physically active may also help reduce the risk and that something as simple and cheap as doing the housework can help.”

He recommend that men and women take regular exercise and maintain a healthy body weight to help prevent cancer.'

Their point should really be regular exercise, where you get up and get moving regularly, as opposed to just short bursts of exercise when you go to the gym, is what is more important. The only time men are mentioned in the article is in this last sentence when it talks about regular exercise and healthy body weight. I don't consider an article on women doing more housework to be enlightening.

By the way, I do exercise and also do housework and I still got cancer. Explain that one. Maybe my dust bunnies will remain cancer free.

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