Tuesday, April 20, 2010

They do this on purpose

The 'They' are refer to are those mysterious people who create the conspiracy theories (and steal lost socks from dryers) around the world. Its all a plan to drive us breast cancer people crazy, kicking and screaming as our brains overload from contradictory information yet again.

So tell me are vitamins and calcium good or bad in the role of lowering risk of breast cancer. Well they just don't know. Read this article which says that calcium lowers risk of breast cancer AND it contradicts a 2008 study that said the opposite. I even blogged about this back in November 2008.

So the burning question is not resolved and 'they' are stuck in a never ending vicious cycle of 'yes they are good' vs. 'no they aren't'. I think they do a study get one set of results and then run another study for confirmation which says they aren't so they have to do another study... See, we will never get a concrete answer here. We can just keep the vitamin manufacturers (are they secretly funding these studies?) happy by buying their products or choosing to eat a really balanced diet and get all that we need naturally?

I don't know. I am confused. I have chemo brain. I can barely remember to take my vitamins with my chemo brain, never mind keep up with these contradictory studies. My brain hurts. But I will attempt to remember my vitamins today.

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