Sunday, April 18, 2010

Evidently we didn't get the memo

As we approach our fifth wedding anniversary, I read this article in the New York Times which says basically (its long so I will sum it up for you) that happily married people are healthier. Evidently my husband and I did not get that memo.

Although I already had one pesky little cancer diagnosis, I was relatively healthy for years before getting married. Since then I have been hospitalized several times, have had five surgeries, five back injections, cancer diagnosis, chemotherapy, radiation, sprained ankle, and degenerating back. My husband has only had one cancer diagnosis and one surgery. So evidently we missed that memo. But we are happily married. We are about to go on vacation together and plan on enjoy ourselves greatly.

This weekend we are attempting to break out of our rut of being boring married old farts. Last night we went to a dinner dance (and are bummed we did not win any of the raffles or door prizes) and stayed out late. Today, we are going for a morning walk and then to the Red Sox game. I am very excited even though I haven't been following the team much this year. I am a fan and have been for years, I used to go to games fairly regularly but that was probably 20 years ago. But first we will go for a morning walk since it is not raining. And attempt to eat healthy food before base ball park fare this afternoon. But we will be happily married old farts who pretend to be healthy once again.

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