Friday, April 23, 2010

The day after...

Wednesday afternoon I was happy. My back did not hurt. I cooked dinner, went for a walk, stood, cooked, all sorts of complicated things. Then the day after the good day began... Yesterday morning I was driving to work and decided my back was hurting so I took half a pain pill as I needed to drive and work (things that I don't do after a whole pain pill). However my back continued to hurt so I took another half a pill at lunch, left work 45 minutes early, and came home to put ice on my back and more pain meds.

My upper back was not happy because it had 12 needles stuck in it. It just felt like it had been punctured 12 times. My middle back was not happy (I have no idea why, perhaps it was in sympathy for my upper back) and caused severe pain so I had to resort to my lovely lidocaine patches and continue the ice pack route. Needless to say, we did not go out to dinner last night as previously planned and stayed home. What is difficult to manage with my back pain is that I have degenerating disks in my lower back, but now seem to have problems with my mid and upper back - caused by irritated nerves. Its not fun and I am a walking drug store these days.

Today, I will keep a low profile. I have a lot to do - bank, library, work (but locally and for a shorter day), laundry, etc. I also hope to squeeze in a walk because I didn't get one yesterday. So far my back feels better than yesterday but since I'm not out of bed yet, the jury is still out.

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linda said...

Hi Caroline,
I scanned through your old posts to see if you explained why you have needles poked into your back and am not sure I understand. Is it cancer related? Whatever the reason, it sounds annoying and painful. You have had to live through some very rough times. I wish you better health, but most of all, I wish you no more pain!

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