Thursday, April 8, 2010

Being healthy til we are not

Kind of logical, isn't it? We are healthy until all of a sudden, some nice medical professionally diplomatically states 'you have X'. Well, with cancer, usually, it is asymptomatic. you don't feel sick. You might think there might be a lump or something, but more often then not something is found by a screening. All of a sudden, your life has changed and you get to go to the doctor all the time.

But cancer is the funny thing. You technically are sick but you probably don't feel sick, except while in chemo, you probably don't look sick. I can say I have had cancer twice, and a few other medically maladies, but yesterday someone said to me 'but you look really healthy'.

So maybe we can look healthy even when we aren't healthy. We can pretend to be healthy and live our lives as best we can. We might have a bedside table covered with a dozen prescription bottles (I just counted) and time our day through when we take our next set of pills, but we are still here and we can't hope for more.

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Electronic Medical Records said...

Cancer is a funny illness I agree and it does not necessarily make us ill all the time except ill at heart.But many fight it out bravely and live many long years happily.

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