Sunday, April 25, 2010

What is wrong with me...

Now someone did make a point yesterday in a comment that they didnt understand what the needles in my back were for but hoped it was not for cancer related issues. So what is wrong with me? (And I am not consulting my husband on this as he will have other diagnosis not normally found in the medical profession).

Basically I am okay breast cancer wise. I have my annual mammogram/surgeon/bloodwork/bone density coming up in a few weeks which will stress me out but should give me some reassurances. I will probably also switch from Tamoxifen to an aromatase inhibitor. The bone density check is to get another update on my bones because thyroid medicine is hard on one's bones as is Tamoxifen and aromatase inhibitors. They will continue to watch my bones for the duration that I am on an AI because I already have osteopenia.

Thyroid cancer wise I am doing okay. I do have to go back for more tests in July but nothing more to know until then. I have a new endocrinologist and there are new follow up standards where I should now see an endocrinologist annually at least.

My ankle is the result of a sprain from last summer. I have a chip of cartilage and a torn ligament. It hasn't healed on its own (or arrived at a state I can live with) so I will have ankle surgery to fix this.

My back is an adventure in itself. I have degenerating disks. Back pain started November 2008 and I ended up a doctor in January 09. I have been through MRI's and x-rays to arrive at the diagnosis. It happened naturally. It only hurts when I stand, walk, sit or lie down. It is not treatable by surgery. I tried PT, I was told not to try massage, yoga, pilates, or anything else that might put pressure on parts of my back. It is 'manageable' through medication, exercises, and cortisone injections and other invasive procedures. The latest one was a diagnostic facet block as a test to see if a radiofrequency procedure that will kill off some nerves permanently and relieve the pain in that area. I use the term 'manageable' loosely as I am on a permanent 20 lb weight lifting restriction and can no longer do lots of things that I used to enjoy like: skiing, sailing, walking on loose surface (snow, sand, etc), bicycling, etc.

My left arm has lymphedema. It is a mild case but lymphedema is not something that ever goes away. It gives me additional restrictions where I can't do anything that stresses the arm. This includes things like: carrying, lifting, pulling, pushing, sun burn, cuts or scrapes (no matter how small), etc.

Otherwise, I am healthy. (Aside from that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?) My body is slowly falling apart I think. But I'm still here.

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