Sunday, April 11, 2010

I cheated

I am sorry to say this but I cheated. It was not a good idea. I should never have done it. Now I have to face the music.... What are YOU thinking??? I cheated on my diet! I ate all sorts of bad things and had a wonderful time doing it.

I ate chicken wings, pizza, little crabby toasts (butter, cheese and crab meat on English muffins), pasta with two kinds of cheese and shrimp, chips, guacamole, onion dip, onion pie with lots of cheese and whole milk, 1/6th of a donut, bread with butter, and a few other things that I can't remember. But I also ate salad with grilled chicken and oranges. And a little bit of wine here and there. I did not, however, eat the cream puffs, rocky road cake, M&M cookies, crab dip, or some of the other really bad things. So I did restrain myself to an extent. I am not sure I want to weigh myself anytime soon but I will eventually face the music and do so.

In addition to eating, we had a great time, watched tv, drank herbal tea, painted our nails, and generally hung out with some old friends.

Here's a funny visual from the weekend: me attempting to put a fitted double sheet on a queen sized bed. I walked around the damn bed three times, going from corner to corner. I finally gave up. I was stumped. And then my brilliant friend suggested I put the flat top sheet on on the bottom instead.


linda said...

sounds like you had a grand time with satisfying repercussions.

Anonymous said...


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