Friday, April 2, 2010

Oh, Joy, Another Big Needle Scheduled

Yesterday I went to see my pain doctor's physician assistant to learn what else we can do for my back. I have decided that physician assistants can be very useful and this one was too. But when he walked into the room, I almost asked him if he was out of high school yet. He was a bit young. But we did have a good discussion about my back and he explained things, like why I can have degenerating disks in my lower back but have pains in my upper back.

This is called inflamed facet joints. These little bitty joints run along each side of your spine. If they get inflamed they hurt. They hurt a lot. Then we talked about my bursa pains in my hips. There was lots of ouching from me as the way to determine if something is inflamed is to push on it and find out what hurts.

So the plan of action is to start with what hurts the most - the lumbar facet joints and then go on to other things, like my hips. But they would only schedule one thing and want to see how it goes and then schedule the next thing. So a big needle in a few weeks again. Oh joy! NOT. They are actually relatively painful when they go in. But the result is less pain afterward so I guess they are worth it.

Today it has finally cleared out and stopped raining. I need to do some weeding and get rid of dandelions and little maple trees before they take over. I just wish the stupid rabbits and chipmunks would eat the weeds and not my crocuses.

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