Saturday, April 24, 2010

More reassuring articles

I have to stop reading. That's it. Why read this stuff other than to drive myself crazy? First, we have all the articles floating around about cancer recurrence rates and all sorts of lovely statistics, never mind the news reports about people who die from cancer. Then apparently I need to be concerned about side effects from the anti inflammatories I take for my back. It doesn't look like I am going off them any time soon.

And I guess I am supposed to either be saving my money to pay for a knee replacement in the future. Something nice to look forward to - but its not cancer so I guess I should be happy. My right knee has had meniscal tears twice and I have a partially torn ACL as a result of ice skating and skiing. (I should add that no one knew I tore my meniscus the first time, it was back when I used to ice skate. It was only found when I had knee surgery). But I digress. Basically since I had fun earlier in my life, I will need a knee replacement in the future, if this article is correct.

So my dilemma. Do I stop reading or do I stop believing what I read? Or do I just read cook books and fluffy romance novels that don't contain a grain of reality? Perhaps I'll just stick with the romance novels.

Yesterday afternoon I attempted to go for a walk. I didn't get very far until my back decided I shouldn't go for a walk. Today I will try again for a short walk. I just want a new back.


WhiteStone said...

I think it is good to "not" read too much stuff. Oh, I do the google thing, the magazine articles, the latest headlines. But I've got what I've got (ovarian stage III-c) and I'm dealing with it well. So I'll let the researchers do the thinking and I'll get on with today. Today is good.

Ann aka ButDoctorIHatePink said...

It's hard, when you write a blog, not to continue to think about it. If you want your blog to keep going, you have to keep writing about something cancer-related, so I get it. Sometimes all those stories I get in my inbox are maddening - "being too thin when you are a child causes breast cancer, being too fat as an adult causes breast cancer" Day after day I get junk like that and it can put you in the wrong frame of mind if you aren't careful. I'm trying to focus on the positive news and if it's something I can't do anything about, I ignore it.

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