Saturday, April 3, 2010

Medical beige is such a dreary color

Who invented medical beige? Was it meant to blend in with no one's skin tones? If your skin is medical beige either your self tanner is very weird or you found some strange body paint or have a very unique medical condition. It also doesn't go with anything. Beige is a neutral but medical beige matches nothing. It wouldn't even work as an upholstery color - nothing would match it but baby spit up.

But now I have the privilege of figuring out how to match medical beige to every out fit I own. Indefinitely. I am so excited (NOT). I went back to the lymphedema therapist yesterday. The lymphedema in my arm is improved but still there and since I have been having issues with my hand swelling, I get a little fingerless glove to wear when ever it is acting up.

Originally I was told to try wearing the sleeve for a couple of weeks and doing exercises and see if it resolves my problems. But since I have problems with my hand, and some on my torso as well, I should continue to wear the sleeve daily indefinitely. Meaning all day every day. I said what if I want to go to the beach or something? I was told I can swim in the sleeve in a pool if I want. But I should keep it on all day every day, from after showering in the morning until I go to bed.

Eventually I will solve the medical beige problem by ordering a fancy sleeve from lymphedivas but for now I will focus on doing the impossible - and coordinating with medical beige.

In addition, I got more exercises to do for my arm. It now takes me forever to get out of the house in the morning because of all my exercises. Grr.

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Anna said...

I realize this isn't the most timely comment. My name is Anna and I am the designer for LympheDIVAs and I saw that you had mentioned us there and was wondering did you have a chance to try one of LympheDIVAs sleeves yet? We'd love to send you and sleeve and gauntlet of your choice for you to review.

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