Friday, April 9, 2010

I'm trying to pack

This weekend, well more like 12 noon to be exact, I am going away for a girl's weekend. I am leaving my husband behind to deal with the ever more finicky cat. There will be eight of us for girls weekend and our policy is: no rules, no men, no pets. So we break the first rule by having two more rules, but you get the point. (And laugh when husbands call with stupid questions.)

A friend of mine has a gorgeous cabin on the side of the mountain (more than a mile past the sign that says 'narrow windy road' where the pavement ends). Its the kind of road where you grit your teeth, keep your hands on the wheel, and pray a giant logging truck isn't going to becoming down the hill as you avoid rocks and potholes and possibly deep ruts. But then you get there and its beautiful and we have a blast. We all bring and make food and have a great time. I am bringing a very healthy salad with chicken to grill on the side, making home made bread, and bringing a bowl of fruit. I am not responsible for any other diet busting foods that are being brought by others or the amounts of alcohol which might be consumed. (I already broke my diet for the past two days, so what's two more?)

So I have been trying to pack. The first problem is I have to get out of the house by myself which means I have to carry things. This could entail many loads to prevent back/ankle/arm strain & pain. I am then driving to a friends house where three of us will drive up together and I assume from that point on, there will be people to help me carry and prevent back/ankle/arm strain & pain.

Then I have to pack my medicines for the weekend. Customarily I use two weekly pill boxes and keep a couple of back up pills (used as needed) in separate prescription bottles. I have had to change my system and repack into one little weekly pill box with two back up bottles. Now I can just not forget them all and I'll be okay.

But I am looking forward to getting away. I need some getting away space. I'm looking forward to doing a lot of nothing except talking and laughing with my friends. The same group of us has been doing this for more than 10 years. So off I go. And there is no internet or cell phone service either.

Damn I have just discovered I can't find my list of what I need to pack.... OOOOOHHHHH NNNNNOOOOO!!!!!

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Judie said...

Never eat more than you can lift.
- Miss Piggy

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